Agape (2019)

Agape is divine love -the love God has for man, and man for God. A gap is also an opening, a fissure one can pry open, peer into or from which something leaks out. Agape is a 30 minute performance in which the performer reads 100 sapphic love fragments, on desire, blossoming, on the pit of a stone fruit and spring. She then guzzles down a bottle of wine, lettering the excess seep out of her mouth, like a fountain. Agape is the resulting stain, on raw canvas -an ode to wine, plenitude, excess and divinity.

Agape was presented as part of the School of The Art Institue of Chicago MFA Thesis Show at the Sullivan Galleries in Chicago, in Spring 2019. The ephemera was selected to be shown in the SAIC booth curated by Sarah Skaggs for the Chicago international Contemporary Art Fair: EXPO, in the fall of the same year.