Fish Bucket (2022)
Calliope Readings

“I felt myself slipping like a fish tail.

Someone brought up hunting for  mermaids to which you replied with the story of the irish selkies.
You said your mom was a seal whose skin had been stolen forever attaching her to land.
It keeps coming up: the movie about the mermaid that leaves water to love and be loved by men.

I watched it while drunk at sunrise and the only memory that stuck was that she couldn't get the smell of the ocean off of her.

If I were a sea-creature, well I guess I would have to learn how to swim first,
but if I lived in the ocean I would never know the feeling of being drunk
and delirious and slipping and what a shame that would be.” 

Fish Bucket was presented as part of Calliope Readings at Pangée in November 2022