Milk Bowl (2023)
Calliope Readings

“Now when you look up cows in the meadow, there are surprisingly many paintings that come up. Van Gogh’s cows are two small specks of dark gray in the greenery. Like lashes.

Leah calls. We talk of breastfeeding. Time scheduled around milk production.  She asks what my relationship to milk is. I reply that I dislike it. It disgusts me. In 1967 the New Yorker published an article about Dairy Month, it is hard to tell if it is fiction or not. The blurb describes a city initiative to bring cows into Central park. We wanted to show New Yorkers how to milk em!

The meadow I imagine is plentiful, because it has been home to decay. It is abundant because longing has been lost and revived, desire has been exhausted and revived. At night the temperature drops to 0, frost mushrooms back onto the young sprouts like crystals. Every past lover feeds the next.” 

excerpt from Letter, April 2023

Milk Bowl was presented as part of Calliope Readings at No Gallery in May 20203