Rouge Gorge (2021)
“In Longing” Group exhibition curated by Anna Cahn

“When we call the robin rouge-gorge, it is in fact the breast that is of a ruby or orange color and not the throat- although find me a throat, once open, that is not red?  The melodic voice of the bird is familiar. The whistle through its beak takes flight to South Texas, in prevision of the snow. I have never seen a robin eat a worm but I imagine it must dig its beak in dirt, and swallow it like spaghetti. It must know where to dig, follow a glistening ondulation. The worm must know more about where we are from, than we give it credit for.

Funny thing about  holes -those tiny little gaps in our minds. I remember breathing, but not catching the breath. There are many gaps in the lives of any given woman, I like to think of mine like a bird’s mind: heading South for no other reason than a hunch “I have been here before, but not quite”. When I trace the chain on your neck, I think of all the fingers that have touched the gold, for it to become a chain, and for you to eventually wear it. “I have been here before, but not quite”. 

I don’t think I could recognize a robin if one came close. Nor could I recognize its song. Out of the smallest tiny throat -a melodic breath that spans for miles. As if celebrating: How monumental this midday light!

It is intrinsic to the hole that we obsess over it. I fantasize about placing my finger in your belly button, as if halting a growth. As if digging for the worm. A fragile skin, one needs not scratch too long before leaving a pinkish hue -a foetal rose.   

Takes a whole lot of abundance to heal a wound. In this process of oozing: we replenish the cups before us, we lose track of the fissure, we lick the spillage and watch what is left crystalize.

Rouge Gorge was screened within an installation curated by Anna Cahn, for In Longing: a group exhibition that took place at the CUE Art Foundation in New York City, in 2021. Rouge Gorge was awarded best experimental film by the New York International Film Award (2021) and was selected for the Berlin Indie Film Festival (2021).

Press: Art DailyAntemag, Dream Idea Machine

Rouge Gorge Trailer from Marie Ségolène C. B. on Vimeo.