Artist Statement 
Sur la table: des traces parfaitement rondes de rouge. Les verres à mi-vides, à mi-pleins. Ma mère verse de l’eau dans le sien. Mes doigts jouent avec le bouchon, humide. I spin my finger on my glass.

Yes, I press my finger in my wounds but also the wounds of my mother, and her mother, and so on. I am trying to put my finger on resilience, by looking at the gap from which it germinates– to make from the plenitude of the opening.

My practice is a combination of performative interventions, sculptural installation and book making.

I am interested in the outpour -and who receives it, tensions between the sterile and the organic, the pristine and the sullied, the intimate and the public. I displace elements of space and time, combining a precise collection of found object to personal ones.

I am convinced that it is through a practice of intentional self-abandon, radical tenderness, and vulnerability that we can address collective traumas, and achieve healing.