Artist Statement 
“First the blossom in the wet grass–
O my body, you were given
Only the one task, why
Will you not repeat it?”

In my theatre of longing, I have come to the conclusion that I am ill. My illness is a malady of desire. It feeds on my anxiety and turns into obsession. Yes: I desire excessively ! And it is from a breach of faith in God, that this desire grows. Perhaps I have made a religion of it! I have built installations to house the fantasies, stages for my longing. I have staged iterative performances to personify the obsession, directed short films to narativise the incessant search. I have made books from the rituals, made rituals to fill the ceaseless gaps, written hundreds of pages of poetry to aestheticize the malady.

My work is one of cognitive dissonance, fractured thinking, exhibition and confession. Formally my research is focused on trauma, on desire and divinity. My practice begins in poetic form and seeps into a variety of mediums, inviting the viewer into an alternate environment -one with its own set of coded symbology and references. I have always been most inspired by writers and artists that expose all of themselves, unabashedly revealing their narcissism and neuroses. I have been inspired by them because they have released me from the trappings and secrecy of my own.

In my theatre of longing, I confess and compose the history of my losses, my wounds, my openings,  my grief and pleasures in hopes of reaching a state of blissful euphoria, of suspending time and in this time-suspended of inviting viewers to visit their own potential for catharsis, their own gaps and desires.