50 Pomegranates for Persephone (2016)

This multi-disciplinary performance is a deconstruction of the myth of Persephone. Video projections of intimate rituals done in nature are combined to mark making gestures and poetic autobiographical text to present a fragmented re-writing of the story.

50 pomegranates is divided in four main acts: the creation of seasons, separation anxiety, rape and death. Each theme is accompanied by a gesture and briefly addressed within various letters red as a script. The script, in which poetic confessions are combined to descriptions and interpretations of the story, follow the structure of a verse novel.

Live performance featuring Santiago Tamayo Soler. Video performances featuring Jeremie Cyr and Courtney Pedersen. Video documentation by Santiago Tamayo Soler.
Photographic documentation by Julie Roch Cuerrier. Special Thank you to Archie Golo, Athena Sofia Delimanolis, John Webb, Mark Antony.