Eye of the Apple (2018)

"My body is a site of anxiety. My research is into locating the nature of those anxieties and tending to them. Here is where I think about the tree -about pulling back and removing in order to let cells regenerate. Resilience is catching a breath.  My body is a site of anxiety. Here is where I think about humiliation. The fissure that exposes the inevitable loss of precision. In emoting there is a failure to contain. For someone who has trouble setting my own boundaries I sure am obsessed with them! [Footnote 2] Is fetish inevitably a form of perversion?"
Eye of the Apple is a sculptural installation and a performance in multiple chapters. Each station is activated through the reading of a letter, and subsequent gestures that explore desire, trauma and fragments of literature & psychoanalytic theory.

Photo documentation by Devyn Mañibo