Three Marys (2016)

Video triptych shot in Asbestos, Qc. Three Marys is both an exploration of the archetype of Mary (Virgin Mary, Mary Magdelene and Mother Mary) as well as a illustration of a ritual of libation. Here, the Virgin Mary appears as a form of Aphrodite, pouring gallons of water upon the poisonous rocks, invoking the women before her. Marie Magdelene tends to the feet of a bound women that loosely ressembles her. While Mother Mary, embraces her double on the edge of a field, offering her breast. Three Marys depicts the slipages between these archetypes, in an attempt to open up the mythologies. Here: women tend to women, women embrace women, roles are interchangable but rely on acts of care. 

Videographer: David Whitten
Feat. Wolfie III White