Aphrodite/Venus (2016)

Through photography, video and live performance, Aphrodite/Venus is an attempt to deconstruct the archetype of Aphrodite. The series is an exploration of desire, identity and mythology. This intimate exhibit is a culmination of four months of collaboration namely with videographer John Londono, photographers Olivier Gariépy, Charles Halsey (NYC) and Stacy Lee, designer and stylist Courtney Pedersen, and jeweler Garrett Johnson (blessedpoppy).
Aphrodite/Venus is Marie Ségolène’s quest to unravel the morphing identity that the goddess plays in western mythology. Aphrodite is exposed as a projection of desires and fantasies rooted in misconceptions of women identities. Throughout the series, Aphrodite becomes a metaphor for women, for the idea of “the artist” as well as for the a thirst for perfection.

In a 30 minute live performance, Ségolène, with her headtied to a pierced bag of salt