Water (2016)
Never Apart (July 2016-Oct 2016)

Water was a group exhibit that took place at Never Apart in Montreal as part of their summer programing of 2016. The exhibit curated by Julie Roch Cuerrier featured the work of Tess Roby, Julie and I. For the exhibit, I presented a video triptych, a sculptural installation and a live performance, based on my interest in representations of Aphrodite and the ritual of Libation. 

This work was an attempt at playing with the archetype of Aphrodite born from the froth of Uranus’s cut genitals colliding with the waves of the ocean. In the video tryptic Aphrodite gazes back, challenging the viewer. A silver sculptural mask, covers part of her face. Aphrodite always reflects - her persona is weaved from projections of the desires of those who inscribe her story. Aphrodite reminds us of the failures which bind us between the images we have of ourselves and the perception of others, the imposibilities of embodiement and the performativity of our genders. 

Bronze sculptural collaboration with Garrett Johnson, Costume design by Courtney Pedersen, Videographer John Londono, Repurposed book in collaboration with Harley Smart.